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Amphyon Licensing

Various ways for flexible use across different computers, desktops and sites.

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Hardware bound license

The license will be bound to a specific hardware e.g. a performance computer with remote-access to different users.

Network floating license

Licenses for concurrent usage inside an intranet. A license server software must be installed at the customer.

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Internet floating license

Floating license for concurrent usage provided by the
Additive Works webserver.

USB Dongle license

License bound to a USB dongle for flexible use. The dongle can be shared between different computers.

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Partner products

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Altair HW Partner Product

Amphyon can be used via the Altair Partner Alliance (APA) based on the HWU token system.

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3DXpert Plug-In

Amphyon Kernel

The Amphyon kernel for process simulation and distortion compensation are available as Plug-in for 3DXpert by 3DSystems.

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EOSPrint Integration

Amphyon Kernel

Amphyon kernel modules will be integrated in upcoming EOSPrint versions.

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SLM Software Plug-In

Amphyon Kernel

Amphyon kernel of the examination modules are available in the Additive Designer by SLM Solutions Software.

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